Living in America, you are told from preschool that democracy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and voting is the highest patriotic duty of all citizens. Hell every election we are told that “If you don’t vote you can’t complain,” we are actually expect to believe that by superficially participating in our own oppression we are somehow expressing our freedom. Your vote has no effect on who wins, is a waste of time, and it only encourages the bastards in Washington; the one thing it doesn’t do is make you free. But this article isn’t about the pointlessness of voting, we all understand that, no this article goes deeper then that, into why voting is immoral and reprehensible and antithetical to the philosophy of liberty.

At the core of libertarian philosophy is a respect for property rights and a rejection of aggression. We libertarians have this crazy idea that life is much better when people are able to keep their stuff and are free from violence. So why is it that this understanding goes the way of the Betamax when it comes to voting? If you ask a libertarian (maybe even yourself) if they vote, the majority will say yes. How can this be? We all understand that the State is a gun pointed directly at our head  and operates on money they stole, but forget that voting is just an extension of that same system.

When you vote, you are attempting to pick up that gun of the State and point it at your neighbor. If your candidate or proposition wins, then your neighbors are forced to live under it even if they don’t want to, they are forced to sit by and watch their hard earned money be stolen because of what you wanted. Voting is the practical embodiment of aggression; by voting you are saying that you know better how others should live their lives, you know how their money should be spent, you are better then them. How can a libertarian ever believe this? We spend all of our efforts trying to destroy this tyranny but somehow it’s justified when you’re the one’s in the ballot box.

Worst of all many libertarians vote 3rd party, often the Libertarian Party, which compounds the immorality of voting with the philosophy of libertarianism. When non-libertarians look at our philosophy they can see one of two things; a political party that abandons its principles when they have even the slightest chance of gaining dominance over their neighbors, or as a sound philosophy based in the core principles of individualism and non-aggression not political expedience. Sure by voting 3rd party you are sending a message, you’re telling the world that you are just as power hungry and corrupt as any other would be dictator and are tying that perception to the rest of us.

Voting isn’t just immoral it is degrading. When you vote you are begging the politicians to give you some crumbs off the table of power. By checking those boxes, you are accepting some bribe in exchange for your sovereignty. The State already has the jackbooted thugs, guns, and jails; don’t you dare give them the moral sanction for their theft. No matter what bribes they are offering, or how sweet their words are, remember that anything the politicians can give you they had to steal from your neighbor; and by voting for them you have helped to shroud their theft and murder in the veil of “public support”.

If you want to improve society, work outside the State. Participate in technologies and groups that work to circumvent the State and engage in daily acts of agorism. Explain the philosophy of liberty to your friends and family, be the living embodiment of liberty. Help your neighbors, stand up against tyranny, live everyday in such away that you can forget the State even exists. The only way to fight their evil is to live without it and show a peaceful alternative, not to embrace it.

By voting you aren’t helping anyone, you’re not stopping tyranny, you are perpetrating the system of your own oppression. Your vote is all the politicians need in order to grant sanction for their evil, your support allows them to spend years stealing, kidnapping, and killing and then get reelected for the rest of their lives. Getting the right person in won’t help, it will only switch one type of tyrant for another. Libertarianism is a philosophy not a party, and it is antithetical to everything we believe to use the gun of the State to promote it.

If you vote you can’t complain, you’ve begged to be ruled!