About as soon as they run into their first comment section on a libertarian article or video is the time when most people become turned off to libertarianism forever. We are promoting ideas that have the ability to save our entire species, but somehow people see us as assholes. Often times, when people start looking into libertarianism they go on line to get more information, and when they do they invariably run into the infamous internet libertarian and start to second guess our philosophy.

The worst part is that it’s not the apparently insurmountable task of turning back the tide of millennia of state aggression that has caused this second guessing, it’s the people that wear the banner of liberty themselves. Most libertarians are wonderful people working to fight oppression in all forms, but as in any movement there is a vocal minority that is ruining it for the rest of us. Much like the “kill all men” feminists these internet dwelling trolls have made it their mission to piss in everyone’s cheerios.

These “people” not only derail intellectual conversation, they have become the caricature by which the rest of the world views our movement. Our’s is a rich philosophy seeking nothing less than the liberation of all of humanity, but because of a handful of malicious malcontents we have to take time away from explaining how to free society and go around explaining that we aren’t all psychopathic assholes.

Ironically these  trolls come out in greatest numbers when issues of feminism and social justice are raised, not because of any honest intellectual disagreements, but because of the vocal minority of those movements that have painted their issues in such an unsavory light… sound familiar? These are the same people that wonder why there are so few people, especially women, in the liberty movement, just moments after telling someone to kill themselves or joking about prison rape.

Things have seemed to reach a head in recent years as millennial libertarians start to address traditionally leftist issues. The evolution towards a libertarian and leftist synthesis is growing in number and speed and as such we have seen an increase in articles on libertarian feminism, social justice, and class theory. Whether or not you agree with this synthesis, the way to move forward is intellectual discussion not throwing vitriol at each other. If you have a disagreement with a person’s views please explain your reasoning and open up that dialogue, but if you are the kind of ass that calls people pathetic or tells them to die slow, then you should not only be ignored, you should be ostracized because your continued involvement will only serve to hold back the advance of liberty.

The liberty movement is built on rigorous political and ethical philosophy, it holds the keys for human liberation, and if you are holding it back by perpetrating the caricature of libertarians as basement dwelling neck beards, then you’re not only not helping, you are destroying any progress we make and burning all possible bridges.

These people should be ignored, renounced, and cut out of further discourse. If you’re in this movement in order to advance ideas and free people from the chains of oppression then you are my brother, my sister, and we will stand side by side no mater our differences on specific issues; but if you stand in the way of that progress and wish harm on my friends, then we are done with you. Life is too short, and the state is always one blink away from taking more of our freedoms, we don’t have time to waste on people that think it’s fun to make death threats.